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The Secret Sauce In Square’s Starbucks Partnership: Discovery, QR Codes

Interesting that Square, who already have a sophisticated payments platform established, should feel the need to include QR codes. This way the customer supplies the hardware/app combo, the merchant only needs the scanner to read it.

I expect more merchants will join a Passbook type payments services.

QR Codes Incorporated Into The Paintings Of Carnivorous Plants? Sure, why not?

The artist behind Twitters now thankfully lesser spotted ‘Fail Whale’, Yiying Lu is the creator of a range or artworks depicting carnivorous plants incorporating QR Codes  linking to a video of that art pieces creation. Its art, it doesn’t have to make sense.

Want to see a QR code made from Oreo cookies? Or if you are thinking about making a QR code from a foodstuff, see the amount of effort you will have to expend right here.

Personally, an image of either cookie type, an image editor like Photoshop would have been faster, but the reality and effort is half of it.