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Bitcoin theft via aired QR codes

A news reporter for Bloomberg, after doing a piece about Bitcoin, gave his co-hosts gift vouchers in the popular cryptocurrency. The mistake was revealing the QR codes which contain enough information for the bitcoins to be taken – comparable to waving your bank account details around.

QR codes, enabling information to be snapped easily, even if it is the contents of your digital wallet.

Wounded QR code

Wounded QR code

Scientist use QR Codes to protect the worlds data for millennia.

Optical or magnetic storage can prove unreliable over these kind of extended time periods, so scientists as part of the ‘The Human Document Project’ are trying to create something informationally dense to preserve historical data and durable enough to survive almost indefinitely. [MIT Detailed overview]


Malicious QR Code Intercepts Google Glass Data

Nice approach from Lookout: Hacking the Internet of Things for Good. From Mashable:

Google has fixed a security issue that enabled hackers to intercept data from Google Glass and even completely take over control over the device. The attack was based on Glass’ ability to automatically recognize QR codes, which can tell it to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

[read more] [Hacking the IoT for Good]

Not going to be a big problem for most of us. But as we know Google Glass uses QR codes to setup and can use codes to connect to wifi networks. QR Codes: simplifying connectivity, sometimes even malicious ones. Google has since issued a fix.

Google has experience in this field having had a QR code based temporary login service in the past.

Google Glass uses QR code during setup to sync.

QR codes: Simplifying processes even on the most cutting edge tech.