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TagMyDoc – Creates a QR code to a copy ‘in the cloud’, of your document.

Considering the service is still in beta, they obviously have high ambitions as there is Office add-ins, iOS, Blackberry and Android apps marked as coming soon.

I am not affiliated with TagMyDoc.

Manipulate QR codes to your will with the QRHacker web app.

I dont agree with the sentiments of the article but the service seems solid. Well laid out and breaks down the process. Pick a data type, enter your content and customise your colour, add an image or even paint one in to your code, save.


Similar to the Skanz service covered a few weeks ago. QRcard.us allows you to create a business card with a QR Code linked landing page of all your contact info, which can be kept up-to-date for an annual service charge.

The landing page for the service is not the strongest at giving that first glance understanding of what the service proposition does but the terminology panel is a great addition.

I am not affiliated with the qrcard.us service.

Quick Tag

Quick Tag

The Melt – Barcodes now good for one grilled cheese…

The Melt – Barcodes now good for one grilled cheese…

StirQrd [pronounced stickered] is a mobile app service that couples location check-in with a specific QR Code the business provides to reward loyal customers with coupons for future purchases and offers.