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Virtual QR Code Library

The ‘Digital Library Wallpaper’ pairs with a selection of books chosen by a home or business owner. With space being ever more at a premium, this is a neat solution for city dwelling book lovers who have had to let go their physical book collection.

Nokia outs PhotoBeamer picture-sharing app

Currently Lumia phones only, allowing users of the app to snap a QR code to share an album of photos on their handset via the photobeamer site.

Great example of QR code simplifying a lot of complicated systems and process happening in the background.


Try a URL and see what happens [the URL is a hint]. Take a moment to think about your strategy, your customers expectations and requirements.

There is plenty of inspiration, business and marketing ideas here on B&WS.

Google Launches QR Code-Based Login Security Measure

Google Launches QR Code-Based Login Security Measure

TimeStation uses QR codes, a smartphone app and the cloud to track employee attendance.

I hated the dreaded punch timeclocks so perhaps the QR code factor would have made me more eager to ‘punch in’. I say ‘punch’ in; a previous employer used barcodes anyway so, perhaps not.