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Stamping Chinese banknotes with censorship-busting QR codes

Stamping Chinese banknotes with censorship-busting QR codes

Bitcoin theft via aired QR codes

A news reporter for Bloomberg, after doing a piece about Bitcoin, gave his co-hosts gift vouchers in the popular cryptocurrency. The mistake was revealing the QR codes which contain enough information for the bitcoins to be taken – comparable to waving your bank account details around.

QR codes, enabling information to be snapped easily, even if it is the contents of your digital wallet.

World’s first QR codes coins going into currency circulation in the Netherlands. The pair of coins, a silver (5€) and gold (10€) were made to celebrate 100 year anniversary of the mint go into circulation on June 22nd and the mint promises a surprise if users follow the codes embeded link [www.q5g.nl] which goes live in the 22nd. 

I’m not sure how scannable the codes are going to be, its quite a small size, the larger coin is just over and inch wide and the QR code is only part of that.

Still I congratulate the Royal Dutch Mint of being so forward thinking and embracing the technology.

UPDATE: Site is now live with an intro video and a game to play. Take a look at the design tab for some more detail images/video.

QR Codes, as part of the game environment in the video game Homefront [by THQ] received more than 30,000 scans within the first 48 hours of the games launch. The codes linked to videos which supported the storyline or downloadable content.

I like this extra element of discovery and interactivity which involve you and your mobile device, as if a part of the games plot.

[potential spoiler] List of all the code locations