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NYC’s Required QR Codes For City Buildings

NYC’s Required QR Codes For City Buildings

Above is the Guinness World Record sized QR code belonging to the Kraay family in Canada at 28,760 M² [309,570 SqFt]. Not the first sky-view based QR code we have featured but has thrown down the gauntlet for others to step up if they dare.

There is a youtube vid of a flyover and code scan at source [caution helicopter drone at full volume].

First UK funeral director offers QR codes to memorialise the departed.

QR code comes with a website service for visitors to find out more about the deceased person. The ability to update the website by the family with further stories or anecdotes as time passes is a thoughtful feature which plays to the strengths of this technology.

QR Codes Incorporated Into The Paintings Of Carnivorous Plants? Sure, why not?

The artist behind Twitters now thankfully lesser spotted ‘Fail Whale’, Yiying Lu is the creator of a range or artworks depicting carnivorous plants incorporating QR Codes  linking to a video of that art pieces creation. Its art, it doesn’t have to make sense.