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Boston docs use Google Glass and QR codes to identify patients

QR codes link the patient to their medical records and their current condition, which under high-pressure situations has been life saving. It also keeps their docstors hands free to work, but also aids infection control.

Bitcoin theft via aired QR codes

A news reporter for Bloomberg, after doing a piece about Bitcoin, gave his co-hosts gift vouchers in the popular cryptocurrency. The mistake was revealing the QR codes which contain enough information for the bitcoins to be taken – comparable to waving your bank account details around.

QR codes, enabling information to be snapped easily, even if it is the contents of your digital wallet.

Scientist use QR Codes to protect the worlds data for millennia.

Optical or magnetic storage can prove unreliable over these kind of extended time periods, so scientists as part of the ‘The Human Document Project’ are trying to create something informationally dense to preserve historical data and durable enough to survive almost indefinitely. [MIT Detailed overview]


Banana QR codes encourage tourism in Ecuador

Consumers today can easily get their hands on the culture of another country without having to leave their armchair, never mind getting on a plane. However, this isn’t great for tourism. We’ve already seen the government of Thailand encourage trips to the country through the opening of themed restaurants around the world, and now Ecuador is letting one of its largest exports advertise the country as a tourist destination through QR codes, with its Banana Ambassador campaign. READ MORE…

Neat idea. Let your exports and products speak for you.