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Banana QR codes encourage tourism in Ecuador

Consumers today can easily get their hands on the culture of another country without having to leave their armchair, never mind getting on a plane. However, this isn’t great for tourism. We’ve already seen the government of Thailand encourage trips to the country through the opening of themed restaurants around the world, and now Ecuador is letting one of its largest exports advertise the country as a tourist destination through QR codes, with its Banana Ambassador campaign. READ MORE…

Neat idea. Let your exports and products speak for you.

Want to see a QR code made from Oreo cookies? Or if you are thinking about making a QR code from a foodstuff, see the amount of effort you will have to expend right here.

Personally, an image of either cookie type, an image editor like Photoshop would have been faster, but the reality and effort is half of it.

QR Code Shopping in Korea

Great example of the convenience and new opportunities that this technology can bring. You make your selection from the full size shelf items, it is added to your cart and they are delivered to your home.

Warning: Video sound level sounds very high and distorted, you might want to turn down the volume.