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Beach Volleyball, Betfair and Bums

Gratuitous excuse to show some pert bottoms and Betfair is one step ahead with their QR Code right there. The code [you have to squint] is customised with the gambling services arrows logo to promote their mobile service at an upcoming the Beach Volleyball Tournament in London.

via PocketLint

iouproject.org uses unique individual QR Codes sewn into the handmade hand-tailored clothing to create a connection between the garment, the wearer and its maker. The thought provoking video gives the background to the project. Wearers can even upload photos of themselves wearing the garments to complete the journey.

Pirates + QR codes = Qrrrrr Codes me hearties [sorry]

Arrrgmented Reality tee on Threadless. Love the augmented reality signage in the tee shots. Also, what the hell is that in the background behind the bus, giant cookie man?