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NYC’s Required QR Codes For City Buildings

NYC’s Required QR Codes For City Buildings

QR code bottle tags help singles break the ice

The ‘Bottle Message’ app enables you to tag a message to a bottles label tag and have that bottle sent over to a person of interest in the hope of a reply.

Great execution, process seems as well thought out whilst remaining practical. I would think a half bottle of wine or Champagne might boost your chances as well. Seems like a win for the business as well.

TimeStation uses QR codes, a smartphone app and the cloud to track employee attendance.

I hated the dreaded punch timeclocks so perhaps the QR code factor would have made me more eager to ‘punch in’. I say ‘punch’ in; a previous employer used barcodes anyway so, perhaps not.

TagMyDoc – Creates a QR code to a copy ‘in the cloud’, of your document.

Considering the service is still in beta, they obviously have high ambitions as there is Office add-ins, iOS, Blackberry and Android apps marked as coming soon.

I am not affiliated with TagMyDoc.