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Quikkly creates a friendlier 2d barcode

‘Action Tags’ are Quikkly’s solution to the issue of recognisability for end users. By displaying a company logo or image, plus a clear call to action they hope will reduce some of the ambiguity associated with some QR codes and lead to a logical experience for users.

You can build an Action Tag on the Quikkly site for use with their app.



Mechanical installation from 2009 is a physical 1-bit glitch display – video embedded below:

BIT.CODE plays with the re-encoding of information and the recognizability of signs. It works with the infinite possibilities for combination of a finite number of bits, the smallest units of information.
The bits appear as black and white elements on the individual segments of the string. Each string is coded with the same bit pattern, which is reminiscent of Morse code. If the strings are moved in parallel, words seemingly appear (for a certain period of time) from ‘out of nowhere’ and disappear again. The perceived information causes a short opportunity for pause, a moment of serenity, of clarity – before the incessant flow of constellations, motions and changes starts anew.


Not a code stictly speaking but falls [just] within the rules of BAWS, black, white and grid-like. Looks good.

The Next Web goes hands-on with the launch of PayPals inStore mobile payment service in the UK market. The process uses plain old barcodes for improved compatibility.

PayPal has opted for a barcode solution, not NFC. This allows the company to roll out the app to other platforms and bank on existing point-of-sale technologies instead of relying on wireless payment terminals.