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AR App Brings Blank Canvases to Life with Art

“Through the SCAD Museum App, augmented reality technology reads the visual cues from each design. Though the canvas in blank in front of them, the user sees current SCAD Museum artwork embedded in the frame on their smart phone or mobile device. When they tap the image, the user is redirected to the Museum website for information on the art.”

My SCAD Museum Augmented Reality project I did for my Intro to Advertising class. This project has been displayed in Adler Hall’s Green Mile Gallery and in SCAD’s New York One Show Event. Vanessa Brown. 2013.

via: vanessa-draws



Mechanical installation from 2009 is a physical 1-bit glitch display – video embedded below:

BIT.CODE plays with the re-encoding of information and the recognizability of signs. It works with the infinite possibilities for combination of a finite number of bits, the smallest units of information.
The bits appear as black and white elements on the individual segments of the string. Each string is coded with the same bit pattern, which is reminiscent of Morse code. If the strings are moved in parallel, words seemingly appear (for a certain period of time) from ‘out of nowhere’ and disappear again. The perceived information causes a short opportunity for pause, a moment of serenity, of clarity – before the incessant flow of constellations, motions and changes starts anew.


Not a code stictly speaking but falls [just] within the rules of BAWS, black, white and grid-like. Looks good.

QR Codes Incorporated Into The Paintings Of Carnivorous Plants? Sure, why not?

The artist behind Twitters now thankfully lesser spotted ‘Fail Whale’, Yiying Lu is the creator of a range or artworks depicting carnivorous plants incorporating QR Codes  linking to a video of that art pieces creation. Its art, it doesn’t have to make sense.

QR Code Portraits

The designer/artist claims to go on to create a collection of 100. The codes resolve in most cases to a brief text description of the person featured, or a url to a Wikipedia entry about that person. Helpfully the designer has included a rundown of QR code resources.

Blackandwhitesquares covered a similar story to this, where a portrait was made from QR codes.

If you are feeling inspired to create a designer code, read the B&WS design-tips to get you started. See also, my simplistic attempts at a B&WS code design.

QR Code Portrait Hides Double Meaning – Artist Scott Blake created this portrait of journalist, Amy Goodman, each code links to a video which chronicles her 9 year career at her independent news show.

Artist Scott Blake stands beside his QR Code portrait.