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Nokia outs PhotoBeamer picture-sharing app

Currently Lumia phones only, allowing users of the app to snap a QR code to share an album of photos on their handset via the photobeamer site.

Great example of QR code simplifying a lot of complicated systems and process happening in the background.


The Secret Sauce In Square’s Starbucks Partnership: Discovery, QR Codes

Interesting that Square, who already have a sophisticated payments platform established, should feel the need to include QR codes. This way the customer supplies the hardware/app combo, the merchant only needs the scanner to read it.

I expect more merchants will join a Passbook type payments services.

QR coded die offer daily news trivia

The dice, when used with the accompanying app [iOS and Android platforms] tests your knowledge of the days events.

Apple Announces New Passbook App to handle your storecards, tickets and passes

As part of the WWDC ‘12 keynote, Apple revealed a Passbook app which handles virtual store cards, e-tickets and electronic boarding passes. Most of these are displayed visually via QR code or barcode for the point of sale systems to read. Neat solution, reminiscent of the Square Cardcase App.

Update: Engadget has a good gallery of Passbook for iOS

TimeStation uses QR codes, a smartphone app and the cloud to track employee attendance.

I hated the dreaded punch timeclocks so perhaps the QR code factor would have made me more eager to ‘punch in’. I say ‘punch’ in; a previous employer used barcodes anyway so, perhaps not.