Facebook’s much-anticipated anonymous social app is finally here, and it’s called Rooms. The app allows people to create a “room” on any topic. The goal, according to the app’s blog, is to transfer the utility of message boards to the mobile world.

Rooms uses QR Codes to share invitations to specific rooms. You can print hardcopies for offline use, or interestingly, share the code via email / chat and the Rooms app looks for the codes saved in your devices Camera Roll and allows you entry to that room. 


QR code badges could help lost seniors find their way home

QR codes are proving to be an enduring method for easily attaching digital information to physical objects, and we’ve seen them used in a variety of ways. Australia’s StrayHat has made it easier for parents to find their kids’ lost stuff with QR code labels, and now a local authority in China has now issued QR code badges to elderly people, enabling passersby to help them back to their home if they get lost. READ MORE…

Virtual QR Code Library

The ‘Digital Library Wallpaper’ pairs with a selection of books chosen by a home or business owner. With space being ever more at a premium, this is a neat solution for city dwelling book lovers who have had to let go their physical book collection.

Boston docs use Google Glass and QR codes to identify patients

QR codes link the patient to their medical records and their current condition, which under high-pressure situations has been life saving. It also keeps their docstors hands free to work, but also aids infection control.