blackandwhitesquares site archived

BAWS website archived

After 6 years finding and posting the most innovative and inspirational QR and 2d code uses, I felt it was time to stop the site.

The B&WS website has now been archived, no further posts will be published.

Thanks for visiting

Windows 10 ‘Blue Screens of Death’ adding QR codes to explain errors

Great example QR code use to simplify a lot of complex information down to a simple interaction, getting users quickly to a support page to help troubleshoot an issue.

Alibaba embraces new visual QR-style codes

A new twist on the traditional black and white matrix code has been done many times before. This time its by Visualead, who have featured on BAWS before. The ‘dotless visual codes’ (hmm), only require the corner dots to scan, leaving 90% available for logos or imagery. They have partnered with the giant Alibaba to help combat counterfeit goods, so expect this format to become commonplace. 

image-rendering | CSS-Tricks

image-rendering | CSS-Tricks

The term often used is “扫一扫” (sǎo yī sǎo), “sweep a little” (as with a broom). I prefer this operative verb to our “scan”, which conjures images of tricorders and medical equipment.

Dan Grover, in his observations on ‘Chinese Mobile App UI Trends’, describing his experience of relocating to China, explains the term used by the Chinese for describing the act of scanning a QR Code.

Quikkly creates a friendlier 2d barcode

‘Action Tags’ are Quikkly’s solution to the issue of recognisability for end users. By displaying a company logo or image, plus a clear call to action they hope will reduce some of the ambiguity associated with some QR codes and lead to a logical experience for users.

You can build an Action Tag on the Quikkly site for use with their app.